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Dec 20th, 2005

Wow. Hot rice in milk for breakfast, bread and spinach for lunch, creamed tuna and peas over rice for dinner...that's a pretty bare bones menu.

Dec 20th, 2005

Hmm. This is probably more nutritious than my 3 square meals of Ramen.

Dec 20th, 2005

I love how you skip to about halfway down the page and for Saturday night it tells you to clean the kitchen and go to bed, but not any other night.

Also, I feed up to 4 adults and 3 children regularly for an average of $30/week. And we eat meat. Honestly it's the added things I pick up at the store that make my bill so high: soda, paper towels/toilet paper, laundry detergent. Just the added necessities like those alone can average $150/week at my house.

Dec 20th, 2005

This can all be done, provided your gas and electricity has not been shut off for lack of payment.

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