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Dec 14th, 2005

Well, at least they won't need any red paint.

Dec 14th, 2005

I'd had thought it would have gone a little longer than that, but then I have to remember the site I'm on and the people who frequent it. Still, I'd have thought someone else like, oh, Brad would have said something first.

Kudos for taking that spot, FurQ. Kudos to you.

Dec 14th, 2005

My dog eats these out of the trash. I might make some if I used them, and I wasn't afraid that my dog would eat my chirstmas tree and leave it all over in bloody clumps in the living room. . .

Dec 14th, 2005

My sisters dog pulls hers out of the trash too. How odd.

Dec 16th, 2005

That was so bloody funny I got cramps.


Mar 31st, 2006

Valentines Day too, now!

Do you think they'll have bloody little Jesus's for Easter?

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