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Oct 7th, 2005

I don't wanna sound crazy or nothing, but going back to the 40's, 50's, 60's, I see a lot more UFO sightings in the summer months than the winter.

My theory? The little green men obviously are following the birds of our planet, considering them the most advanced life form. Fuck, I would, they can fly WHENEVER. Sometimes I want to be like a bird, and just fly... far far away from this place.

Oct 7th, 2005

try LSD. I hear you can fly when you take it.

Oct 7th, 2005

They don't like the Dakotas, apparently. Is it a cold issue? Isn't is really cold in space? They fly millions of miles across the Universe, but they can't put heaters in their spacecraft? Sheesh!

Oct 7th, 2005

UFO's are incredibly nationalistic. Maybe they only speak English? And I guess they'd have to hate British accents as well.

No offense, dcom.

Oct 7th, 2005

If they're the most advanced life forms in the universe, why can't they go anywhere but USA? Seriously. Asia is like ten times as big as america and there's NO sightings.

Oct 8th, 2005

All the other countries already have treaties with the aliens and we're the the geeky country everyone else laughs at. We know we're left out, but just can't join the "in crowd", so we pretend they don't exist.

That's also why we call people from other countries "aliens."

Oct 8th, 2005

This is apparently UFO sightings for the US only (or Mexicans and Canadians never see UFO's), but why don't they show hawaii or alaska?

Oct 8th, 2005

Strange. There was a UFO sighting in my state in the month/year I was born...

Oct 8th, 2005

You an alien schatten! Just like superman!

Oct 9th, 2005

Obviously they don't want to fly over Colorado because the bottoms of their shiny saucers would get all scraped on the Rockies.

Nobody likes a scraped saucer!

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