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Oct 2nd, 2005

Informatively amazing!

Oct 2nd, 2005

"AT&T Wireless: No easy escape"

Doesn't surprise me.

Oct 2nd, 2005

Ugh. I don't like talking to the humans.

I prefer talking to the machines. That way I can get in, get what I need, and get out without useless banter & whatnot.

Oct 2nd, 2005

I'd rather talk to a human. Press the wrong button on something automated, and it either disconnects you, or sends you through a loop. At least with the human, you tell them your issue, they can tell you where to go instead of having the automated teller cycle through each option two or three times, slowly driving you insane, as each moment you think to yourself that there is a conspiracy against you, and that there are actually humans listening to this conversation that you are having and laughing at you cursing and swearing at the machine as you press the #1 button for the seventieth friggin' time in less than five minutes ....

*pant pant* I'm sorry. What were we talking about again?

Oct 2nd, 2005

Sexy warriors from croatia.

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