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Sep 19th, 2005

According to Bon Bon Land's website, BonBon sweet bags were really popular during the 80s and 90s and had really wild names. You could buy Seagull Droppings, Duckweed, Big Boobs, Hullabaloo Mix and the strong, brown sweet, Dog Farts.

Sep 19th, 2005

We used to buy some BonBons called "Nads". They came in a big sack.

Sep 19th, 2005

In fact the logo on the front said "Hey, keep your hands off my nads!"

Sep 19th, 2005

That's good advice.

As for the website, I think I've had my fill of partially naked purple hippos for the day.

Sep 19th, 2005

I would hate to be trapped in this park at night. Those cow-whore statues would probably come to life and smother me in their plaster cleavage.

Sep 19th, 2005

Europe is gross.

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