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Aug 15th, 2002

This one's even better.

Aug 15th, 2002

Personally, the snarky comments really made it for me. "Wizard of Oz flying money" indeed...

Aug 15th, 2002

Here's an interesting question... if you could go back in time twenty years and show a photo of today's Michael Jackson to a fan, would he be at all recognisable?

...for that matter, how would Michael at age 20 react to such a picture?

Aug 15th, 2002

Personally, I just find the whole Michael's face thing pretty sad. He's obviously got some severe issues with his appearance and is willing to put up with countless painful facial surgeries to try and make himself feel better. But he never does and it just gets worse.

Pretty awful. Not that it's not fascinating.

Aug 15th, 2002

I agree. I feel sorry for him. I can only imagine what kinds of emotional traumas made him so determined to become somebody else.

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