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Aug 8th, 2005

Ha! Good video. "If you use that buzzer again, I'm getting a catheter." Educational AND entertaining.

Aug 8th, 2005

I'd have preferred something that didn't make the male figure look quite so dumb. Also, the thought that pregnancy doesn't begin until the zygote attaches to the uterine wall is debatable. Even so, educational, clever, and yes, pretty amusing.

The cartoon approach to teaching, incidentally, is generally known to be quite effective. Even the military uses it when troops have to get a concept through their heads in a hurry.

Aug 8th, 2005

I kept expecting them to get it on, I was dissapointed.

Aug 8th, 2005

That was awesome. Are there any more?

Aug 8th, 2005

What kind of sequel would that be?
"How an abortion happens?"

Aug 8th, 2005

Babies don't get made 'til baby Jesus says so.

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