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Aug 5th, 2005

...I don't see the resemblance...

Aug 6th, 2005

She's plastic and her head is hollow.

Aug 8th, 2005

I want to kill myself and be reborn some centuries ago when I see this.

Aug 14th, 2005

I underwent a similar surgury when I wanted to get my Kung-Fu Grip on.

Aug 16th, 2005

Y'know what's funny about ugly ladies who get plastic surgery? Their kids are still gonna be ugly.


Future Husband: "Did you fall down the stairs, or have an affair with a Mr. Potato Head?"

Cindy: "No, I had about 40 different plastic surgery procedures done before you met me!"

Future Husband: "Hmmm... Doctor, while we're here, you think you could shoot some botox into this ugly little shit? My parents are never going to believe that this is our kid..."

Aug 16th, 2005

I think giving plastic surgery to minors is child abuse. . .
If it is there should be exceptions for some kids.

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