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Jun 9th, 2005

This was the 2nd link posted on In4mador. It's just bigger.
This game is still very fun though.
I got 797.

Jun 10th, 2005


It's not a maze as such. More of a long straigh passage.

Jun 10th, 2005

775!!! Beat that Queer-mos!!!

Jun 11th, 2005

Okay. 2356.

Jun 11th, 2005

You call that a high score?

Jun 11th, 2005

Please don't lie about flying the copter.

Jun 11th, 2005


remember back in the pre-internet, pre-windows DOS days, when games like this were "fun"?

Jun 12th, 2005

Wait, what was that?

Jun 13th, 2005

It's obviously an unpassable section, and proof that you can't play the game forever. Probability theory states that if you played the game forever, every situation that could possibly happen will definitely happen an infinite number of times, including this unwinnable situation.

Jun 13th, 2005

You callin' me a loser? How much you bet me I can throw this football over those mountains?

Jun 13th, 2005

I once threw a kettle over a pub.

Jun 15th, 2005

really kind of stoopid like Weird Al or something.....

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