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Jun 8th, 2005

My life is complete now that I know what a windfucker is.

Jun 8th, 2005

Fagnet was a pretty good movie.

Jun 9th, 2005

"Shitticism: a scatological figure of speech"

I think this one actually belongs on the site "Words and phrases that sound gross and in fact are". I mean, unless you don't think poop is gross.

Jun 9th, 2005

Scatology is the study of poop. I once was in a Scatology class.

Jun 10th, 2005

I think the only thing grosser than the homework for that class, would be the lab assignments.

Jun 11th, 2005

Or show and tell.

Jun 11th, 2005

or taste testing..... oh yah, i went there...

Jun 11th, 2005

Or the field trips.

Jun 12th, 2005

The oral exams were the worst.

Jun 25th, 2005


Dude, I'm gonna have to say that all the time now.

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