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Jun 6th, 2005

Great link. That's awesome.

Jun 6th, 2005

18 minutes are missing.

Jun 6th, 2005

This is my favourite LBJ moment--when he's talking to the president of Haggar, explaining how he wants his pants cut...just listen (it gets real good at 3:30):

In this one, about 4 minutes in, you can hear Atty Gen Robert Kennedy ask LBJ whether he thinks the "negroes" in the south will run wild over the July 4th weekend if LBJ signs the Civil Rights Bill when it lands on his desk, rather than waiting until the Monday after.

Of course, when LBJ relays the conversation to Hubert Humphrey, he says Bobby is worried about trouble on Saturday with "niggers puttin' off fireworks." (3:25)

These three tapes just go to show that he may have been President of the United States and one of the greatest civil rights champions, but he was a Texan first.

Jun 6th, 2005

"Down where ya nuts hang." Awesome, choadwarrior.

Jun 6th, 2005

Hahaha. "Down where ya nuts hang ... they cut me, it's like ridin' a wire fence ... *belch* ... from my back to my butthole..."

Can you imagine the tailor's reaction? He's talkin' to the President, who's talkin' about his testicles and arsehole. That's some amazing composure.

Jun 7th, 2005

Does he say "butthole" or "bunghole"? Sounds like bunghole to me.

Jun 7th, 2005

Sounded like bunghole to me too.

Jun 8th, 2005

this is the coolest link ever.

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