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Apr 8th, 2005

So if my parachute fails to open, I should grab my buddies arms, right?
Well, what if my friends parachute also fails to open?

I mean this is Worst case scenario.

Apr 12th, 2005

I have the book and it says in the front jacket; "Do not attempt any of the things entailed in this book. It could prove harmful and/or life threatening." or something along those lines.

Apr 13th, 2005

Ah, but if your life's already being threatened, what have you got to loose ?

Apr 13th, 2005

That's true but since when do you take long hikes in the Brazillian jungle by yourself with a straw, duct tape, and a piece of bubble gum? Unless oyur name is MacGyver, the answer is probably never.

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