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Mar 17th, 2005

My 'history of the English language' professor in college had written a paper about the human need to look down on lower classes of people, and how in America, where our class system is less regimented, people focused on grammar as a means of superiority. His evidence was that making fun of someone's word misusage was more prevalent in the US than in other countries where people have other outlets of looking down on one another.

Still, a funny site! :-)

Mar 17th, 2005

of course, after RTFA, i see the site seems to distinguish the evolution of a phrase from mere incorrect usage.

Still fun, but I prefer the more low-brow approach of just laughing at people's mistakes.

Mar 17th, 2005

Yeah, wow, this is neat. But, they don't have "two cents" or "t(w)o(o) sense". I've seen it written a lot of different ways, but I was never sure which was correct.

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