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Jan 15th, 2005

I don't care what anyone else thinks. This is the best link ever.

Jan 15th, 2005

I think the opposite.

Jan 15th, 2005

Whoa, never mind, This is cool, I changed my mind after actualy looking at the site, MORAL: Never judge a book by its cover

Jan 15th, 2005

I looked at a little bit of it... what's so cool about it? TELL ME, I NEED TO KNOW!

Jan 16th, 2005

Yeah, it helps to look at things to know what they are like.

Jan 16th, 2005

The thing that turned me away was that I wasn't directly pointed to the clock, I just saw the site then was like "wtf? this sux" the link should have been

Jan 16th, 2005

They should make this into a screensaver. Unless they haven't already of course...

Jan 16th, 2005

I dunno, I thought it was dumb... even when I saw the clock. 12x60 (not 24, because they can repeat the images for AM and PM, I noticed they don't use AM or PM, so I assume they do) = 720. I could easily take 720 pics in a day. This is someones stupid picture blog disguised as a clock.

Jan 17th, 2005

Actually... the pictures are sent in from every continent. AM and PM don't repeat.

Jan 18th, 2005

I wonder why I have a watch when there are sites like these?
Very creative.

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