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Jan 1st, 2005

You can see my living room window in this one:

Also, read the link about Barbara Streissand's $50 million lawsuit against this guy for photographing her house.

Jan 1st, 2005

really? where? botom left, bottom right, center? ect ect?

Jan 1st, 2005

Along the street running up/down on the lower left of the photo; in the third block; on the right side of the street, just in front of the beige house with the gabled roof. I'm in the building with the red roof.

Come on over, I just made some salsa.

Jan 1st, 2005

I'm actually kinda surprised he's allowed to keep photos of military bases on here. For example, here is where the LCAC (hovercraft) fleet is stored at Camp Pendleton:

Jan 1st, 2005

hey, if you can just save the pic then circle where your house is with a photo editing program.

Jan 1st, 2005

Doesn't this guy have a job?

Jan 2nd, 2005

I believe the guy's job title is "assmuffin".

Jan 2nd, 2005

Choad showed me where his house is once. Then I passed out and woke up hours later in the park...

Jan 3rd, 2005

Did your butt hurt?

Jan 5th, 2005

This seems like a much smaller verison of Keyhole or something like it.
It seems pretty useless, because I don't live in California.

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