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Dec 23rd, 2004

Take a great band thats really popular and I don't listen to, (the beatles) and mix it with another really popular band that sucks and I also don't listen to and what do you get?

Dec 23rd, 2004

Beastie Boys don't suck, ass. The Beatles do.

Dec 24th, 2004

I suppose to someone that doesn't have any taste, The Beatles - would- suck. I love The Beatles, can tolerate the Beasties... but this.
This was crap.

Dec 24th, 2004

I'm the opposite--I love the Beasties and tolerate the Beatles. I only liked the Whatcha Want and Root Down mixes on this. I just thought anyone who liked the Grey Album might be interested in this.

Dec 24th, 2004

I don't have a fair stance on this because I'm not down with rap music.
I'm old, I remember when MTV played music videos. I can remember when Punk Rock Girl and Mexican Radio had major airplay. *sighs* Thank god for Classic VH1.

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