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Nov 30th, 2004

This is far less impressive than I'd hoped.

Regardless, somehow the description of this link reminds me of those cheesy movies where they are like "ok now zoom in on the security camera" *click* zoom. Like Enemy of the state and us marshals. Enemy of the state was the worst offender, with the added ability to rotate images, which made no sense with only one security camera.

Nov 30th, 2004


It's big. So big that my brain hurts.

Nov 30th, 2004

Not all that interesting.

Nov 30th, 2004

I've seen this before, it's pretty crazy. I especially like how you can zoom in on the cars and see the plates.

Nov 30th, 2004

By the way, it's 3:05.

Dec 2nd, 2004

There is a guy flipping people off.

Dec 3rd, 2004

Who wants to play a game? It's called, find the... find something fairly unique in the picture, and describe it, and see who can find it. Or, see what people find that matches your description.

For instance, the "guy flipping someone off" is really a lady on a cellphone, I think.

Can Anyone find the 10 foot diameter propeller?

Dec 3rd, 2004

Is this your flipping off guy?

Dec 3rd, 2004

Argh! what happened to that german guy's head? This isn't a camera, it's a WEAPON!

OK, so they must made this with a progressive pass technique. Wherever there are "transient objects" like people walking, there runs the risk of catching them on a boundary. I wonder if any of the pictures of the moon or mars have little "half spacemen?"

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