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Oct 27th, 2004

Cool. It's close enough to actually kicking Kerry in the face.

Oct 27th, 2004

Why is the category "food"?
Why would I want to eat George Bush?

Oct 27th, 2004

Where's Ralph Nader? Or Michael Badnarik? David Cobb? Michael Peroutka? I feel that this site discriminates against third party candidates.

Oct 27th, 2004

Right on! We should start an email petition and demand 3rd party pumpkins!

3rd party pumpkins could also be a really cool band.

Oct 27th, 2004

Where's cheney? I'd be neat to have his scowl on a pumpkin.

hahha I'm voting for him but I still admit he has quite the scowl

Oct 28th, 2004

I want Bush and Edwards to win. The electors would have to be tied, then the House would pick Bush and the Senate would pick Edwards.

The Constitution can be fun!

I wouldn't like the reserve, however. Kerry and Cheney would look too much like an episode of the Munsters.

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