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Jun 17th, 2004

Good game, but it seems that there are almost never enough tiles to last until I get an opportunity to attack.

Jun 18th, 2004

I remember in Street Fighter II, you can charge up Balrog's punch attack. Saving up your 5s is sort of the same way in that it leaves you vulnerable. And also, it is so immensly satisfying to hit with a triple 5 attack.

Jun 20th, 2004

The game appears to be no more. :-(

Jun 20th, 2004

I don't think it ever was.

Jun 21st, 2004

So far, 100% of the time when I attack, the opponent has the correct tile to block, and 100% of the time when the opponent attacks, I don't have the correct tile to block. I'm not saying it's rigged, but ... well, something. Fun anyway, though.

Jun 21st, 2004

I think you have to assume that when the opponent approaches within 5 squares, they probably have at least one tiles to attack with on the number they land. That's part of the strategy.

Jun 28th, 2004

I was thinking I just plain suck at the game, but your explanation works too.

Jun 29th, 2004

Ones are actually some of the more valuable tiles. If you have them you can close in to one space of your opponent, and they have to keep backing up if they can't attack or don't have zeros.

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