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Dec 13th, 2003

I'm sending in a picture of my dad's friend.

Dec 13th, 2003

Also my dad. They both look like Kenny Rogers!

Dec 13th, 2003

Alien DNA infusions do that.

Dec 13th, 2003

I want to be like Kenny Rogers, but it says he doesn't want to watch Australian rules football.


Dec 14th, 2003

Australian rules football?

Dec 14th, 2003

Football, where the rules are from Australia.

Dec 16th, 2003

Like a parallel dimension?

Dec 17th, 2003

Yes. It's Q's favorite game.

May 7th, 2006

Since I was about to submit this link (double post) I think it acceptable to bring it back to life.

A friend's father looks like him, too.

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