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Jul 16th, 2003

The cafe is operated by four young Haida Gwaii First Nation men, who refer to themselves as "bucks", a term used by many First Nations people to describe young men. The men also played on a basketball team in highschool of the same name and decided that it would be a good name to give their cafe, housed in a building that resembles a traditional Haida Gwaii longhouse. Read the letters here.

Jul 16th, 2003

"If you're as dull-witted as Starbucks® thinks you are, you may not realize you've reached this site by mistake.
You might've entered our address into your browser, thinking you'd somehow end up at anyway.
So if you're looking for a cup of coffee with a mermaid on the side, you're in the wrong place."


Jul 16th, 2003

"Take a look at the comparisons below. Study them carefully and soon, you too will be able to tell the difference between HaidaBucks and Starbucks®. If, after diligent study of the chart below, you're still unable to tell the difference, there's probably no hope for you whatsoever. Send your resume to Starbucks® and get a job on their legal team."

The site is loaded with this kind of stuff. Ahh, Indians with a sense of humour!

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